Electrical Installation

Electrical Installation

We are able to perform installation of electrical equipment, cable trays and cables in production plants and on “skid mounted units”. Installation activities are fully comply with the required industrial standards and where applicable our staff is also certified to execute installation activities on equipment for use in hazardous locations. The professional competence is warranted by the IECEx 05 Certification of Personnel Competence (CoPC). Selection and installation of this equipment is in compliance with both ATEX / IECEx guidelines, regulations, customer specifications and the industrial standard. If applicable we can supply and install a complete electric heat tracing system.

Our expertise can be consulted in the preliminary stage of your project. Skid mounted units up to 20 meters long and weight up to 13 ton can be moved to our professional structured workshop or the electrical installation can be performed on location both national and international.

After completion of our activities the electrical installation undergo the necessary inspections and quality assurance tests. After visual inspection we perform tests such as an isolation-resistance measurement for the installed cables, earth continuity test to ensure proper earthing connections and a loop test to ensure correct connection of the wires. The required test reports and relevant documentation are of course included within the project documentation package.


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